Synchronize your data across multiple devices with Syncthing

Sync or Swim

Article from Issue 267/2023

If you need a cloudless solution for syncing data across multiple devices, Syncthing could be just the thing.

You are probably familiar with the problems of using more than just one desktop computer. You also might have a laptop, a tablet, or other computer systems. If you use these devices regularly, large datasets will quickly accumulate, causing the need to keep data synchronized across the various devices.

Permanent synchronization of personal data across multiple terminal devices was previously the domain of cloud services or dedicated server instances. With Syncthing, you can keep all your devices up to date without the hassle of setting up your own server or sharing your data with public cloud services. Syncthing [1] syncs the data directly between the systems, although the folder structures can differ. The two devices only need to be switched on and accessible on the local network.

Getting Started

The cross-platform Syncthing software is available from the repositories of all the major distributions. In addition to the 32- and 64-bit versions for the x86 system architecture, you will also find packages for the ARM platform. And you can pick up an app for Android v4.1 or newer from the F-Droid store.


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