Order placed


Jan 28, 2009 GMT
Oliver Frommel

Finally ordered the BeagleBoard on the Internet today. The whole package is about US$190, shipping not included. I hope there won't be any additional problems with the customs office.

In addition to the DSP and the ARM core on the OMAP CPU, the BeagleBoard features an OpenVR graphics chip (as seen in the good old Sega Dreamcast console) that accelerates many functions of OpenGL ES – the "Embedded" version of the 3D graphics standard OpenGL. Allegedly the
small board can even play HD video (720p with up to 30 frames per second) thanks to the DSP. With Linux you can take advantage of the DSP function through the standard GStreamer interface.

By the way, even Google's Android cell phone OS has been ported to the BeagleBoard.

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