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Dmitri Popov

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Jun 18, 2010 GMT
Dmitri Popov

When it comes to system monitoring tools, Conky rules the roost. Using it, you can monitor virtually any aspect of your system, and a wealth of available options provides unlimited tweaking possibilities. But this power comes at a price. All Conky's configuration options are stored in the .conkyrc file and you have to edit it manually using a text editor. If fiddling with configuration files is not your cup of tea, you'll appreciate the ConkyWizard utility which lets you configure Conky's settings using a user-friendly graphical interface.

ConkyWizard is distributed as a ready-to-run binary package, so there is nothing to install -- except the required Qt libraries which you can install using your distro's package manager. Grab then the latest version of the utility, and double-click on it. This launches a wizard which guides you through the process of configuring Conky. Most of ConkyWizard's options are self-explanatory, so you shouldn't have problems finding your way around. Once you are done configuring Conky's settings, tick the Run Conky after the end ConkyWizard check box, and you should see the Conky screen in all its beauty.

Source: WebUpd8


  • conkywizard conf file -where is it?

    I have conky running through conkywizard, but the entries for network are blank. I might get them working through the conkyrc file but the wizard doesn't seem to use this file. I can't find what file the wizard uses to set up its data from. appreciate any help.
  • thanks!!

    Working in Xubuntu 10.10.
    install conky for repositories. thanks for the excelent tool.
  • Conky Wizard

    Simply AWESOME!!! Thanks. happy
  • nice

    That is exactly what i was looking for, i couldn't configure conky properly and it looked ugly :P
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