Extension Watch: Access Statistics for DokuWiki

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

May 29, 2009 GMT
Dmitri Popov

There are quite a few open source Web tracking solutions out there, but if you are running DokuWiki, there is no need to install and configure a third-party tool to gather stats on your visitors. Instead, you can let the Access Statistics plugin collect and analyze data about your visitors.
The plugin stores the collected data in a MySQL database, so your first order of business is to create a separate database for use with Access Statistics (or use an existing database) and populate it with the required tables. The plugin comes with the handy db.sql SQL script which can do the donkey job for you. Simply use your MySQL client (e.g., phpMyAdmin) to run the supplied SQL script to create the tables. Once the MySQL database is ready, you can install the plugin either manually or using Dokuwiki's Plugin Manager. If you opt for the former, unpack the downloaded plugin archive and move the resulting statistics folder into the /lib/plugins directory inside your DokuWiki installation. In your DokuWiki, go to Admin -> Configuration Settings, scroll to the Statistics Plugin Settings section, and specify the required settings. Press the Save button, and the plugin is ready to go.

To access the Access Statistics' interface, go to Admin -> Access Statistics. The Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of key data such as the number of page views and visits presented as a bar chart, a list of the most popular pages, a list of the newest incoming links, and top search phrases. You can view the data for the current date, week, or a specified time period. Other sections of the Access Statistics interface provide information about browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, and countries. In other words, while the Access Statistics plugin may not replace a dedicated Web tracking solution, it does provide all the key information you need to get a pretty good idea about your visitors.

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