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Rikki Kite

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Oct 13, 2008 GMT
Rikki Kite

LinuxChix announced that they'll be holding a LinuxChix mini-conference at the January 2009 in Hobart, Tasmania. The announcement says, "This mini-conf exists to encourage women with an interest in free and open source technology to share their ideas, network and improve their presentation skills."

Organizers are calling for presentations by women in free and open source, and they recommend topics that fall within technical, professional development and productivity, and community categories.

To see examples of previous presentations, visit:

The announcement also says:

While LCA is a technical conference and clearly Chix attendees as much as anyone else will want to talk tech, we're also keen to devise ways to involve younger or less experienced LCAers to attend and get involved with the the Miniconf. Perhaps this could be a 'how to' session such as how to set up an open source blog or how to set up a web server. Or it could be a guide to getting involved in an open source project, or how to start hacking on something simple.

For more information, visit:

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