Dice 2007 Annual Salary Survey Shows Gender Gap

Rikki Kite

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Jan 30, 2008 GMT
Rikki Kite

Dice released the results of their 2007 Salary Survey and the good news is that salaries increased for tech professionals. The bad news is that only men enjoyed this increase – women's salaries held steady, increasing the gender gap by 11.9 percent (from 9.7 percent in 2006). According to the survey, "Satisfaction remained high among tech workers: more than 50 percent of respondents are happy with their salaries." I suspect that women who were surveyed are less satisfied after seeing the survey results.

The survey also indicated that the gender gap is smaller among consultants (8.9 percent). Furthermore, "Lower skilled positions such as technical support and systems administrators had a smaller gender gap. Women with 1-5 years of experience saw the smallest gender gap (approximately 2.3 percent) while women with more than 15 years of experience had the largest gap (11.3 percent); hence, women age 40-49 also saw the largest gender gap (16.4 percent)."

I'm still scratching my head about tech support and sys admins being called "lower skilled positions".


  • Surprised

    I'm surprised, and not a little disappointed, to see that the disparity is increasing.
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