"Perfect" Robot Woman

Rikki Kite

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Jun 10, 2008 GMT
Rikki Kite

I just ran across an article about a Japanese firm that claims to have created the "perfect" robot woman. The two men behind the project claim that the robot can do everything from cooking to massage. Of course, the skeptics say the technology for this robot isn't possible. Some folks are even saying that it's art, "a damning critique of women's roles in relationships."

I, however, am hopeful. Just last night – after working all day, driving my kid around town, grocery shopping, making dinner, cleaning the kitchen, walking the dog, and rolling the trashcan to the curb – I sat on my couch thinking how great it would be to have another me around the house to help me out. I'd happily settle for a robot who could cook and give me a massage.

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