Blue or Green? Vote for Choqok's New Icon Color

Sep 04, 2009

The new KDE star in Twitter heaven is Choqok. In version 0.6.6 the main developer has changed the color of its icon from blue to green.

The change in color has a literally symbolic value. The main developer of the KDE Twitter and client Choqok is Iranian, and by giving the latest version the codename, "Let's be green", they want to draw attention to the political situation in Iran. The change however, has not been welcomed by everyone and many Choqok users would prefer to keep the icon blue.

Rather than taking the decision himself, Mehrdad Momeny has, on his blog and at Planet KDE, set up a poll where fans can vote for their favorite icon. The (hopefully fair) poll will last until September 11. Votes can be entered here.

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