CUPS 1.4.0 with DDK and Improved Bonjour

Sep 01, 2009

The common Unix printing system (CUPS) is now available as version 1.4.0. In addition to a variety of improvements, the free print server now includes the driver development kit (DDK).

Developers have refined support for Zero Configuration networking, as it has been implemented in the case of Apple’s Bonjour. Two years ago, Apple employed CUPS’ main developer Michael R. Sweet and thus acquired rights to the software. The current improvements help the server and assist in the process of service discovery on the part of network printers.

Via SNMP, the new CUPS version can apply notifications from printers relaying supply level information. In addition, the changelog shows bugfixes and updates for documentation and localization.

From version 1.4 on, the driver development kit (DDK) is included with the CUPS distribution. Up to this point, the DDK was released separately. The kit includes a standard driver, a PPD compiler, as well as further tools to be compiled with the help of the printer driver.

The current CUPS release can be downloaded via the project site as source text tarball. The larger part of the software is subject to the GPL; certain components are licensed over LGPL.

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