DooPHP: High Demand Web Framework

Jul 21, 2009

To the numerous Web development frameworks now add version 1.0 of the BSD licensed DooPHP. Its author Leng Sheng Hong emphasizes its good performance and long features list.

As its name implies, DooPHP relies on PHP, more particularly version 5, and adds to it object-oriented programming (OOP). The user, according to Hong, doesn't need to know more than that to develop a modern Web application.

The substantive features list includes support for the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern model, a REST API client and server, flexible templating, and an object relational mapper (ORM) tool. DooPHP works in the Mod_php, CGI and FastCGI PHP modes, and on Apache, Lighttpd and Cherokee Web servers.

The resulting Web apps should be search engine friendly and provide great performance. A benchmark on the project homepage compares DooPHP with other other frameworks such as CakePHP.

DooPHP 1.0 is under revised BSD license as a tarball or zip archive for download. Hong also provides API documentation for his framework.

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