Expanding Warzone 2100

Jun 05, 2009

The release of the new version 2.2 of the realtime strategy game Warzone 2100 comes with improvements in graphics and game-balance.

The GPL variant is based on the Eidos Interactive commercial game of the same name. Problems with mini-maps and map previews have been fixed and the fog mode can be set to user preferences.

Developers have improved weapons-systems and changed the rules to allow a more balanced game. For example, double experience points are no longer possible in campaign mode, and Ripple Rockets won't autoupgrade to Archangel.

Translations have been revamped and a mod/music directory for the use of custom music has been added. More changes include an increase of savegame slots to 36 and user-defined video volume. A complete Changelog can be found here.

After experiencing routing problems, the official domain wz20100.net now appears to be back on line. The download section has Windows and Fedora Core versions of the game, with the source code also available.

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