First Developer Version of GNOME Activity Journal

Jan 20, 2010

Following over a year's worth of work the GNOME Activity Journal now appears in its first developer version, 0.3.2. The Zeitgeist framework it uses assumes the same version number.

The Activity Journal graphically shows a user's file and website visit activity, so the user will be able to search through the journal to answer questions such as "Which website did I research while I was reworking my thesis last Tuesday?" A short screencast provides a glimpse of the possibilities of the user interface.

GNOME Activity Journal 0.3.2 allows moving the slider through the calendar, marking entries and opening a tool tip for a tiny preview of the selected file, graphic, or webpage. The program is almost exclusively in English and the project is looking for volunteers for localization.

For the Zeitgeist framework, which the Activity Journal uses to grab files, developers cleaned the code, fixed bugs, and introduced a new FindEvents() function.

Further details are on the Zeitgeist homepage. Current source code tarballs for the GNOME Activity Journal and Zeitgeist framework are on Launchpad. The licensing is GPLv3.

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