Icinga: Developers Fork Nagios

May 06, 2009

Open source project Nagios is being forked into the Icinga project. The Netways firm, which specializes in open source IT management services and particularly the monitoring solution Nagios, will be managing the fork.

According to reports, many of the current plugin developers are already on board. Netways CEO Julian Hein sees add-on development mainly as a community project, while the Nagios core development lay single-handedly with Nagios chief developer Ethan Galstad, which led to bottlenecks. The community's attempt to remove this bottleneck from core development had run into a wall, compelling Netways to lead the charge by forking Nagios into a separate project. "After many years in which countless improvement attempts came to nothing, we see no other way to move Nagios along," Hein said in an interview with the German sister publication Linux-Magazin Online.

The new project will take the name Icinga. Hein assures that in many ways Icinga will continue compatibility with Nagios. He asserts that Icinga will use the same monitoring plugins and the add-ons will function in both projects. The Nagios portal will apply a similar compatibility strategy for the fork.

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  • GroundWork and Icinga

    Hi Ulrich,

    Interesting analysis of the Icinga fork of Nagios.

    Because GroundWork Monitor has close linkages with Nagios, a number of people have asked what this fork means to the GroundWork community, users, customers, and company.

    To help answer those questions, I thought it might be useful to share this statement:



    David Dennis
    Sr. Director Marketing
    GroundWork Open Source
  • Link

    Thanks for the alert, it's been corrected.
  • Link to icinga

    The link to icinga is wronge it points to http://www.icinga.or not .org
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