KDE 4.3.0 "Caizen" Released

Aug 05, 2009

KDE has announced version 4.3.0 of its Linux desktop. "Caizen" fixes bugs and provides some new enhancements.

Caizen's enhancements are visually recognizable from the start: the Air desktop theme and the Bubble Monitor plasmoid immediately stand out. Other plasma add-ons include the Remember The Milk time manager and the Magnifique desktop magnifier. Reworked features include KRunner, which now displays syntax help for its search and command function.

A step back to tried and true occurred in the system settings, which are faster but also have an optional tree view again. The Kopete instant messenger comes with a better contact list and KOrganizer can synch up with Google Calendar. The Caizen release announcement lists all the enhancements. The KDE 4.3.0 info page also lists the download opportunities, including binary packages.

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