Linux New Media Launches Ubuntu User Magazine

May 28, 2009

(Lawrence, KS, USA: May 28, 2009) Linux New Media USA, LLC, announces the launch of a new print publication, Ubuntu User magazine.

Canonical's popular Ubuntu operating system continues to win followers around the world, and Ubuntu User is the first print magazine specifically for this rapidly growing audience. "Ubuntu is popular with software developers and IT professionals, but it is also a hit with hobbyists and other desktop users who are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Windows and don't want the restrictive hardware policies of Apple," says Joe Casad, Editor in Chief of Ubuntu User.

In addition to reviews, interviews, community news, HowTo articles, troubleshooting tips, and in-depth technical articles, Ubuntu User includes a helpful Discovery Guide for readers who are new to the world of Ubuntu. A free DVD included with each issue of Ubuntu User provides an easy way for users to upgrade to the latest version. New users can boot from the DVD drive without disturbing the existing installation.

"We're excited to launch a new print magazine,” says Linux New Media CEO Brian Osborn. “We've had great success over the past two years with well designed, high-end print magazines for technical readers. Ubuntu is popular around the world, and it's a great fit for us editorially. I couldn't imagine a better match." In addition to the English version of Ubuntu User magazine, Linux New Media plans to launch a German edition later this year.

In 2007, Linux New Media opened a North American office in Lawrence, Kansas. In addition to the new Ubuntu User magazine, editors in the North American office produce the monthly print magazines Linux Pro Magazine, Linux Magazine (international English edition), and special publications including Ubuntu Special, Google Tools, and openSUSE Special.

Ubuntu User magazine is shipping now to newsstands worldwide.

For more information or to subscribe to Ubuntu User magazine, visit:

About Linux New Media
Linux New Media, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is the world's leading supplier of Linux content. Print publications include Linux Pro Magazine, Linux Magazine (outside of North America), LinuxUser, EasyLinux, Linux Technical Review, and international editions of Linux Magazine produced in German, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. Additionally, Linux New Media produces many Linux-oriented online products and organizes industry events, including the Open Source area of CeBIT, the largest computer and IT Expo in the world.

Canonical and Ubuntu are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.

Media Contact:

Rikki Kite
Associate Publisher

phone: +1 785-856-3080

Linux New Media
719 Massachusetts
Lawrence, KS 66044 USA

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  • Ubuntu User #1 Back Issue - Where Can I Find It?


    I live in the UK (Northern Ireland, to be exact), and I recently came across Ubuntu User #2 in a local newsagents. Of course, being a huge fan of Linux Magazine, I picked it up, and was pretty impressed. I'll be looking out for No.3, and if the high standard is maintained, it'll become a regular on my shopping list, as Linux Magazine is.

    Now, the question is, where the heck can I find a copy of Ubuntu User #1? It wasn't on the shelves locally, and I knew absolutely nothing about it until I saw No.2 on the shelves (I'd been away for the summer, and hadn't yet picked up my backorders of Linux Magazine, so I hadn't seen the ad). By the time I got No.2, No.1 had sold out - the publishers no longer have any left. I can't seem to find a copy anywhere.

    As an obsessive completist, when I start collecting the magazine, not having the first issue will drive me barmy. Pleeeeze, does anybody know where I can pick up a copy of No.1, or is anybody willing to part with theirs for a tidy sum (in good condition, and preferably with the cover DVD, but I'll take it without if I have to)?

    I know that, unlike me, many people don't hoard their magazines forever, and get rid of them once they're finished reading them. So I'm hoping for a bit of luck with my search.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Ubuntu User at Barnes & Noble in Devon PA USA

    I found a copy of Ubuntu User on the shelf of the local Barnes & Noble yesterday. Thank you.
  • Ubuntu User material

    Will Ubuntu User solely cover Ubuntu, or will there be any material relating to Kubuntu?
  • arriving soon!

    The magazine is in transit from the printer and should arrive on North American shelves any day. Borders and Barnes & Noble will be carrying it. I'll send a tweet out from @linux_pro when we see it hit the shelves here.
  • Where in greater NYC can the Ubuntu User magazine be found

    I want to purchase a copy of the magazine at a local reseller to see if a subscription is warranted. I tried both Borders and Barnes & Noble to locate Ubuntu User Magazine. Neither reseller is aware of the publication, let alone when they would carry it.

    When will common distribution be available in New York State (USA)? The last time I inquired, I was told it would be early June, today is June 16th and the magazine is nowhere to be found.


  • Ubuntu User - where to buy

    Canada - Indigo and Relay, check their websites for outlets

    Australia - Not yet on sale, on sale date is Jul 13th. Try Borders or one of the larger independent newsstands

    Switzerland - Unfortunately only in the French part of Suisse. Try large railway stations and international airports
  • Magazine availablity in Ontario Canada

    Is the magazine available in Ontario, Canada (preferably Ottawa)

    A single purchase is the best idea to test out something new.
  • Ubuntu User

    I am located in Australia, apart from books + occasional articles in various magazines there appears to be no separate magazine on Ubuntu system. Have you any Australian addresses that stock this magazine & if there are none do you plan on having any ?

  • Switzerland?

    Hi, where can I find the magazine in Switzerland?
  • Where to buy Ubuntu User in the UK?

    Please try first at larger WHSmith high street newsstands. It's already on sale there.

    You can take out a subscription and just do not renew it when it expires. By doing so you'd restrict it to 4 issues (= 1 year).

    Kind regards,
  • Ubuntu User on Sale

    I would like to buy a copy before subscribing to find out if it is suitable for me. Can someone please tell me which UK locations are selling the magazine? The three where I usually buy spare copies of Linux Magazine do not have it?
    Am I too early or is it available now?

    Also is it possible to subscribe for a fixed period as a gift for someone else. I would like to buy Linux magazine as a birthday present for a friend who does read the magazine, but she occasionally misses a copy and I have to run around the country trying to find last months issue. I do not want to pay for a subscription indefinitely, but up to a year I would be happy with.
  • Encryption for the Subscriptions page

    Just to clear up the prior comment.
    The subscriptions page IS encrypted at 256 bit ( AES-256 ) and is very much safe. This is the link you are taken to:

  • Subscription Form Security

    The Ubuntu-User magazine subscription page isn't encrypted, which means that all personal information, including cred-card number, is transmitted onto the Internet without any security safeguards. This is foolish, to say the least.

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