MX Linux 21.2 Offers Improvements and Bug Fixes

Aug 31, 2022

MX Linux 21.2, aka “Wildflower,” is now officially available and is the second refresh of the MX-21 release.

The developers of the most popular distribution on Distrowatch, MX Linux, have unleashed the second point release for the distribution. Although there isn’t anything groundbreaking with the latest iteration, it does include plenty of bug fixes and various improvements to help improve an already outstanding distribution.

Wildflower, based on Debian Bullseye (11.4), comes with two different options for the kernel. The regular release uses the 5.10 LTS kernel, whereas the Advanced Hardware Support variant makes use of the 5.18 kernel.

Beyond the kernel, MX Linux received bug fixes and improvements for the installer, mx-tweak (which now allows the disabling of Bluetooth adapters), Fluxbox received a new mxfb-look tool (for saving and restoring theme combination), mx-updater/apt-notifier now has an option to use nala as the backend, a kernel cleanup tool was added to mx-cleanup, mx-boot-options now includes a UEFI management tool, and the disk space checker will help make sure there’s enough disk space available before a kernel is updated.

As far as upgrading from the previous point release, the developers stated, “If you are already running MX 21, there is no need to reinstall. Packages are all available through the regular update channel.”

Download your copy of MX Linux 21.2 from the official download page with a choice between Xfce, KDE Plasma, and Fluxbox desktop. Make sure to also read the official release notes for more information.

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