Midnight Commander: Small Update, Big Enhancements

Mar 05, 2010

The MC team has released a new version 4.7.1 version of its Midnight Commander for download that, despite a minor release change, has numerous improvements.

After a year of inactivity and a new developer team, Midnight Commander has quickly released a new version 4.7.1 to follow bugfix release The new release requires at a minimum GLib version 2.8 and supports, among other things, automatic encoding setup using enca, persistence of Find File settings, and copy progress bars from right to left. The search function also supports wildcard characters * and ?. The complete list of changes is in the announcement on the MC mailing list.

The MC developers additionally fixed more than 30 bugs, among them a few that led to crashes. A few fixes were already integrated in version, which the MC project page still identifies as the latest stable release. In the future, the team plans to release a version every two months, with bugfix releases of stable releases to be issued monthly or after 100 commits.

Midnight Commander downloads are available.

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