Mozilla Personas Turn into Personas Plus

Mar 10, 2010

The surprising success of Personas, which Mozilla Labs released as a beta in Firefox 3.6, has led to the rededication of the browser tool as Personas Plus.

Personas, a feature for personalizing the browsing experience, according to a Mozilla Labs blog, will now become a part of the Mozilla Add-ons. That means, among other Add-ons benefits, that languages support is guaranteed and Personas will be included in the official ratings and reviews system. Personas will thereby become a "fully realized piece of the add-ons ecosystem" and receive the "full attention of the add-ons team."

The promotion from a developer prototype to add-ons status is reflected in the tool's renaming to Personas Plus. Mozilla wants to expand Personas by a few features, which are described in broad strokes on the Personas/Post 3.6 wiki page.

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