New Pentesting Distribution to Compete with Kali Linux

Mar 20, 2024

SnoopGod is now available for your testing needs

From the ashes of Blackbuntu comes a new pentesting distribution called SnoopGod, which aims to compete with Kali Linux.

SnoopGod is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution geared for pentesting. This new distribution is designed to be fast, easy to use, and provides a full desktop environment to make the tools accessible.

This new pentesting distribution includes more than 800 pre-installed libraries and tools. You'll find tools like Aircrack-ng, BeEF, Metasploit, Bruteforce-luks, Brutespray, Cewl, Crack, ophcrack, patator, sucrack, Burpsuite, Routersploit, Websploit, Weevely, Aesfix, Ddrescue, Dislocker, and much more. You can view the entire list of libraries and tools from this SnoopGod Github page.

SnoopGod defaults to the KDE Plasma desktop, so if you're accustomed to a fairly traditional UI, you shouldn't have any problem using the desktop environment. SnoopGod also includes kernel 6.5, so hardware detection shouldn't be a problem.

According to the SnoopGod website, "SnoopGod is more than an operating system, it is a Free Open Source Community Project with the aim of promoting the culture of security in IT environment and give its contribution to make it better and safer."

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SnoopGod is developed by a four-person team consisting of Nicolas C, Maria C., Leo G., and Antoine D.


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