Nobara Project Is a Modified Version of Fedora with User-Friendly Fixes

Jan 11, 2023

If you're looking for a version of Fedora that includes third-party and proprietary packages, look no further than the Nobara Project.

The Nobara Project's aim is to bring users a better gaming, streaming, and content creation solution out of the box.

This new Linux distribution (which is not a Fedora Spin) is a completely independent project. This Linux operating system includes NVIDIA drivers, WINE dependencies, OBS Studio, third-party codecs, and a collection of package fixes that are geared toward making it easy for users to immediately be productive, without having to tweak, install, or patch anything.

Pre-installed packages include Blender, Davinci Resolve, OBS Studio, WINE, Proton, Discord, Flatpak, Steam, Lutris, OnlyOfice, Vapoursynth, and much more. You'll also find the RPMFusion repository that includes both free and non-free software.

Unlike Fedora, Nobara uses AppArmor because they claim it is more user-friendly, less intrusive, and easier to manage. Nobara ships with the same kernel used in Fedora with a few added patches.

The Nobara Project ships with the Gnome desktop, and there are no plans to include any other environments.

To read more about Nobara, check out the official website and download an ISO for installation from the Nobara Project download page.

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