OpenBSD 4.4: New Drivers, More Platforms

Nov 03, 2008

The OpenBSD project has released version 4.4 of the free Unix derivative. New in this version are drivers for Intel and AMD chips, and support for platforms such as UltraSparc IV/ T1/ T2 and Fujitsu SPASRC64-V/ VI/ VIII.

This latest package comes with drivers for Asus Eee-PCs and Thinkpads from Lenovo. Beside OpenSSH 5.1 the basic version also contains a project-proven Apache 1.3 with support for SSL/TLS and DSO (Dynamic Shared Objects). Also included are Gnome 2.20.3, KDE 3.5.9, Firefox and 3.0.1, Thunderbird, MySQL 5.0.51a and OpenOffice 2.2.1. As usual, OpenBSD remains conservative and security-conscious in its choice of packages.

Information to installation and upgrades can be found in the release notes and details of all that's new in version 4.4 can be read in the changelog.

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