OpenSUSE Struggles with Hardware Problems

Mar 11, 2009

Due to a breakdown in storage array, some openSUSE servers were unavailable yesterday, including

Although problems continue, openSUSE does now have some minimalistic package sources in place that will at least enable the transfer of security updates. According to a post by Peter Poeml on the openSUSE Factory List, repairs can take some days.

The openSUSE Project has suffered continual hardware problems and, for example, still suffers from a shortage of disk space, which is the reason for the lack of backup data. The project is keen to find sponsors for a new/second storage array.

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  • Get a better sponsor than novell

    Fedora has Redhat, Ubuntu has Shuttleworth, Caos has Infiscale, etc etc. Novell gets the benefits of the work going on at OpenSuse, maybe they could invest in 10k worth of gear for them.. Rediculous..
  • openSuSE NOT enough diskspace

    I don't understand -- as cheap as hard drive arrays are in the market of today - this should never be. How can a distro organization run out of disk space? There are enough contributors in the world that would happily torrent or even chip in and buy a 18 terabyte SAN server...or am I missing something here?
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