Salix 15.0 Offers Updates and a Modernized Look

Sep 07, 2022

Salix is a Slackware-based Linux distribution with a new look and a goal of being fast, user-friendly, and highly stable.

Salix 15.0 is a Linux distribution that is 100% compatible with Slackware and defaults to the Xfce desktop environment. The latest release offers a new look and plenty of updates, including Xfce 4.16, GTK+ 3, Firefox 102 ESR, LibreOffice 7.4, GIMP 2.10, and Whiskermenu as the new default panel menu.

According to the Salix developers, “There have been extensive discussions in our forums with respect to how the new release will look and everything has been revamped, including a new GTK theme, a new icon theme, a new window manager theme, and a default wallpaper…”

Salix now has both dark and light themes to help bolster the new modern look of the UI. Other features include desktop usage optimization, high-quality package repositories, fully localized system admin tools, and support for both 32 and 64-bit architecture.

New users should keep in mind that the installation of Salix is 100% text-based (ncurses), so it will take a bit of extra skill to get the operating system installed.

Download and install a copy of Salix from the official download page and keep in the know about Salix from the distribution’s official blog.

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