Slimmer Library: Debian Switches to EGLIBC

May 06, 2009

As Debian developer and package manager Aurélien Jarno says in a recent blog, Debian will soon switch from the standard GNU C library to the slimmer EGLIBC.

The Embedded GLIBC (EGLIBC) is an embedded system variant of the GNU C Library (GLIBC). Unlike GLIBC substitutes such as uClibc used up to now, EGLIBC provides optimum compatibility with the standard GLIBC so that embedded device developers can use the same GLIBC as with usual computers.

In his blog, Aurélien outlines the "nice points" for open development of EGLIBC, including that it's in a stabler branch for direct patch inclusion than the standard GLIBC. If EGLIBC were to completely replace GLIBC in Debian, the worst case would be compability issues of Debian packages in other distros. As of now, it's not yet clear if or when Ubuntu will switch to the slimmer EGLIBC.

Backers for EGLIBC consist of a consortium including FreeScale, MIPS, Montavista and Wind River, all having a strong interest in embedded devices on Linux.

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  • Linux giant OS?

    "Linux has grown up very giant OS in years and mostly because it's design is a old fashion monolith OS."
    Give me a break, windows 7 requires over 17GB while Linux only 2GB, so talk about giant OSes!
    Linux old fashioned?? Another lame argument
  • How about OS then?

    Debian seems to want to make system slimmer as possible. If they are now switching the most important system library to slimmer version, are they planning to switch linux operating system (kernel) to hurd as default too? Linux has grown up very giant OS in years and mostly because it's design is a old fashion monolith OS.

    I believe that Debian should do as this far, offer multiple versions of the distribution. One version with Hurd OS and one, and the current default one with the Linux OS. Same thing with this system library, with glibc and this new C library.

    Do not care about Ubuntu. It ain't doing anything special, just following what Debian does. Debian is the power and the source of Ubuntu's success and if Debian makes the choise, Ubuntu is forced to follow it, if it was to try to keep up the quality what they have (Thanks to Debian!!!). Ubuntu just flies under the Debian's wing.

    The other distributions are the problematic question. Debian is needed to have compatibility to them and this is the great feature of Debian, it wants to be a Libre!

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