Steve McIntyre Re-Elected as Debian Project Leader

Apr 14, 2009

Debian developers have decided: Steve McIntyre has been re-elected as Debian leader for the next legislative period.

Voters had until April 11 to choose between McIntyre and Stefano (Zack) Zacchiroli. Both candidates had used their election campaigns to prioritize communication within the Project. McIntyre admitted he'd underestimated how time-intensive the top job can be and hadn't quite achieved everything he had set out to do. Hence McIntyre's promise to appoint Luk Claes as his assistant if he won.

The Debian Project uses the relatively complicated Condorcet method for its project leader polls. According to statistics, from 1013 developers entitled to take part, 361 have voted. They were asked to choose between the two candidates but also had a so-called “none of the above” option. All possible two-way stand-offs are taken into account so the winner has to win using different tally methods and evaluations. Results have been published on the Debian Project website. They show that McIntyre received the most votes and will lead the Debian Project for another year. This includes the further development of the next stable Debian/GNU Linux version, codenamed Squeeze.

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