Synctool 4.0 Fine Tunes Cluster Configuration

Aug 27, 2009

Synctool, a configuration managemment tool that synchronizes computer clusters, is available in a new 4.0 version. The software underwent some internal rework and picks up new features.

Among the new Synctool features are scripts ending in .post that are run when updating files, such as in restarting the newly configured daemon. The scripts can have group-specific properties. Also new is the ability to execute commands per ssh or Distributed Shell (dsh) on all Synctool managed nodes.

Synctool is written in Python and uses ssh and rsync to distribute files. Hosts can be updated in groups, classes or individually. Self-written plugin scripts provide additional extensibility.

Version 4.0 is under GPLv2 and a tarball for download is available from the project page.

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