Video: Stallman on DRM, Patents and C #

Jul 09, 2009

In another of our videos of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, Richard Stallman declares his position on DRM, patents and C #.

The FSF Boss told a press conference why he's vehemently against Digital Rights Management (DRM), which he describes as “Digital Restrictions Management” and criticized the European Patent Office's policy on software.

Stallman also explains comments he made in his keynote speech regarding the use of Microsoft's C # and why the GNU project incorporate their own version of C # in the portable dotnet technology.

RMS at Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

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  • Web Video

    Agree completely with Aronzak. Certainly know now not to bother buying Linux Magazine.

    Also, captcha is too obsure.
  • Open Video

    Good job for displaying Stallman bashing DRM and proprietary software in a proprietary format when HTML5 and open video is available.

    Yes, the format is broken, but then again, who visiting this site won't have OGG support? Do you get any IE or Safari visitors?

    Why don't we start by getting the free software community to actually use the software they promote?
  • Share and share alike ?

    The more I know about DRM and lazy patenters (that write little bits of program hoping someone accidentally "copies" it into their hard worked actual program, and then pounce on them to sue for everything the "real programmer" is worth); the more I'm thinking: Hey, SLAVERY IS FREEDOM. (Ooops! alright, alright: G. Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four. Now here's your thirty bucks.) Work for M$, they have you covered: no one will ever know how you did it. Or even that you did write it.
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