Zorin OS 16.1 Released with a New Kernel For Better Hardware Compatibility

Mar 16, 2022

The developers of Zorin OS have released the latest version of their beautiful desktop Linux OS.

Zorin OS 16 was only released seven months ago and yet the developers have been busy at work to bring the first point release for the desktop distribution. The biggest change to the operating system is the inclusion of the 5.13 kernel. However, that kernel is not patched against the Dirty Pipe vulnerability. However, immediately upon installation, an update will patch the kernel, so you’re desktop isn’t in danger of falling prey to this nasty bug.

The 5.13 kernel brings better hardware compatibility for newer hardware (such as NVIDIA RTX 3050 GPUs, 12th Generation Intel Core processors, Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers, the Framework laptop, and Apple’s Magic Mouse 2).

Also included with 16.1 is the 7.3 release of LibreOffice, the Mesa 21.2.6 graphics stack, and all the usual goodness that comes along with Zorin OS (such as professional-grade creative apps, and different desktop layouts).

It should also be noted that the developers of Zorin OS decided to send all profits of sales to aid Ukraine, from release day (Thursday, March 10) until March 17. Although by the time you read this, that effort will have ended, it’s worth mentioning that the developers are doing what they can to send aid to the people of a wartorn nation.

Read the official Zorin OS 16.1 release notes.

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