openSUSE 11.1 Downloads: 175TByte traffic in first 30 hours

Dec 29, 2008

It didn't quite make the planned 200TB, but with 175BT in 30 hours, openSUSE 11.1 has again set a new download record.

openSUSE has published first figures regarding downloads of Version 11.1. Taking the 4.3GByte DVD downloads into consideration, openSUSE counted 40.000 downloads of Version 11.1 in the first 30 hours with the 32 bit version making up 58% of downloads, the 64bit variation 31%. The Live and Add-on CD versions accounting for the rest. The figures relate to the direct downloads from only, disregarding the download numbers from mirror servers.

For the 64bit Version, the figures mark an increase of 3% over last year with the complete download volume up 5% (163 TByte for 11.0). Around 23.500 users have uploaded hardware profiles over smolt and with the help of IP addresses, the openSUSE Project has counted about 100.000 updates.

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