Issue #33: Discover LibreOffice / Nov 2018

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DVD: LibreOffice 6.1

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Introducing LibreOffice
Why pay for an office productivity suite? LibreOffice is totally free, and it runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

LibreOffice Writer
Writer, LibreOffice's word-processor component, is more than just a text editor. With its powerful styles system, you can build detailed and elegant documents for business and personal use.

LibreOffice Calc
LibreOffice Calc offers the functionality of Excel with added benefits.

LibreOffice Impress
Need to impress your boss with the latest sales stats? Or just show off some holiday photos in an eye-catching format? Impress is the tool you need.

LibreOffice Draw
With LibreOffice Draw, you can create attractive and informative vector-based drawings.

LibreOffice Base
We show you how to set up a database in LibreOffice Base and search it with SQL queries embedded in forms.

LibreOffice Math
The LibreOffice Math package lets you display simple and complex formulas.

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Open Document Format
The Open Document Format standard is an important reason for the success of LibreOffice.

LibreOffice Extensions
You can extend the power of LibreOffice with over 350 useful extensions.

LibreOffice Templates
LibreOffice templates can save you time with formatting your documents, so you can focus on the important stuff.

LibreOffice Macros
LibreOffice packs a built-in Basic-like scripting language that can be used to automate repetitive tasks and extend the suite's default functionality.

LibreOffice Typography
LibreOffice Writer is a serviceable desktop publisher with more typography features than most users imagine.

Digital Signatures
Sign your LibreOffice documents to guarantee integrity, authenticity, and non-repudiation.


Collabora Online
Are you already thinking about the possibilities of LibreOffice in the cloud? Collabora Online is a powerful solution for running LibreOffice in an on-premise web configuration.

LibreOffice at Work
Can you use LibreOffice in a corporate environment? What potential problems will you need to consider?

Good communication and careful planning are the keys to a successful LibreOffice migration.

PDF Formats
There's more to PDFs than just document portability. Picking the right PDF format depends on your end goal. Here's a guide to PDF formats and the PDF tools to produce them.

You may have heard that LibreOffice files "are XMLbased" or "use XML," but when you try to open a Writer document in a text editor, you only see a binary blob. Learn how to access and modify the hidden XML content using scripts.

Hidden Gems of LibreOffice
Discover some hidden and lesser known LibreOffice features.

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