Issue #277 / Dec 2023

DVD: MX Linux MX-23_x64 and Kali Linux 2023.3

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SERVICE: Welcome

What They Do

Remembering what the view was like when I started this job, I must admit that I was gratified, surprised, and encouraged to see that Microsoft has now posted a tutorial on how to install Linux.

SERVICE: This Month's DVD

MX Linux MX-23_x64 and Kali Linux 2023.3

NEWS: News

In the news: Valve Updates Proton to Greatly Improve Windows Gaming on Linux; New Linux Vulnerability Enables Privilege Escalation; elementary OS 7.1 Available for Download; The GNU Project Celebrates Its 40th Birthday; Linux Kernel Reducing Long-Term Support; Fedora 39 Beta Available for Testing; Fedora Linux 40 to Drop X11 for KDE Plasma; and Real-Time Ubuntu Available in AWS Marketplace.

NEWS: Kernel News

Zack Brown reports on improving spinlock efficiency and adding up a few extra bytes.

: Low-Code Intro

Low-code programming offers faster development with a modular design

To help speed up the development process, many companies are turning to low-code or no-code platforms that let non-programmers create their own applications.

: Node-RED

Getting started with Node-RED

Node-RED lets you connect ready-made code building blocks to create event-driven applications with little or no code writing.

: Low-Code with Snap4Arduino

Low-code programming for the Arduino with Snap4Arduino

Snap4Arduino brings the power of low-code programming to the Arduino hardware environment.

: Karsten Noack Interview

A low-code pioneer explores the path ahead

One team member is a subject matter expert and one is an experienced programmer. Bringing the two together has always been a problem, but low-code offers a new solution: Put it all under one hat.

: Br OS

An innovative Ubuntu derivative

Br OS, an Ubuntu derivative based on the KDE Desktop, offers sophisticated design and additional security along with an interesting software selection.

IN-DEPTH: VisiData

A command-line data visualization tool

VisiData lets you easily manage, process, and view tabular data from multiple sources, all from the command line.


Modify program behavior with LD_PRELOAD

A little C code and the LD_PRELOAD variable let you customize library functions to modify program behavior.

IN-DEPTH: Docker Open Source Developer Tools

Open source container tools

Docker provides the open source tools and resources for compiling, building, and testing containerized applications.

IN-DEPTH: Wall Street Monitor

Terminal stock price display with Go

Instead of pulling up a browser to check his investments, Mike Schilli tracks stock prices with the help of a Go program to display graphs in the terminal.


Secure name resolution with DNS-over-TLS

Ordinary DNS sends queries in plaintext. If you're looking for something safer, dial up the privacy with DNS-over-TLS.

IN-DEPTH: GitHub Codespaces

Program in the cloud with GitHub Codespaces

Imagine you want to build a program from the source code and discover that your distribution lacks the tool and software package versions you need to do so. Instead of using your own virtual machine, you can now switch to GitHub Codespaces.

IN-DEPTH: Defending WordPress with WPScan

Looking for WordPress vulnerabilities with WPScan

The number of potential WordPress vulnerabilities is stunning. WPScan scans your site to find the problems that could lead to compromise.

: Smart Home Info Center

Create an information center with the Raspberry Pi Pico W and Python

You don't need much to create a smart home information center – just a Raspberry Pi Pico, an ePaper panel, a battery, and some Python.

: DJI Ryze Tello

Programming the DJI Ryze Tello drone with Python

Drones are more fun if you can program the unmanned aerial vehicle yourself. The DJI Ryze Tello and Python make this possible.

LINUX VOICE: Introduction

This month in Linux Voice and Elvie.

LINUX VOICE: maddog's Doghouse

More than just the fun of the work

From the programming itself to sharing your work and forging friendships, there's true fun to be had in computers.


Open source healthcare software

GNU Health, a flagship free software project for hospitals, helps ensure affordable healthcare for all, especially in developing countries.


To prove that not all CC-BY music is bad, Graham has spent the past few weeks creating a playlist of free music to use at the Ubuntu Summit in Riga, Latvia.

LINUX VOICE: Colorful Collection

Create photo collages on Linux

Limited software exists for designing photo collages on Linux. Depending on your needs, PhotoCollage and Fotowall can help you create appealing collages.

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