CeBIT 2010: RaidSonic Shows Icy Boxes

Mar 05, 2010

The NAS 5220 and its brothers NAS 6210 and 6220 provide Linux-based network-attached storage into the home for under $275.

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Gartner: Weak 2009 Mobile Market Outside Smartphones

Mar 03, 2010

Gartner reported a steep growth for the smartphone market. Linux loses. Android still gains, but producers mistrust Google's intentions. Symbian can't rest on its laurels.

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Kernel 2.6.33 Is Completed

Feb 25, 2010

Linus Torvalds has released another kernel version that, apart from driver updates, has a reworked graphics stack.

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New Graphical Interface for Ubuntu on ARM

Feb 25, 2010

Linux is the operating system of choice for devices with ARM processors. Unfortunately problems with graphics appear in most cases. Ubuntu wants to fix this with a new GUI.

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MonoDevelop Soon for Moblin/MeeGo

Feb 24, 2010

The integrated MonoDevelop environment will soon be available for developing and debugging applications for the MeeGo (alias Moblin/Maemo) mobile platform.

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Nouveau Becomes NVIDIA's New Standard Driver

Feb 22, 2010

The NV driver served for a long time as the standard driver for NVIDIA graphic cards. Now Ubuntu developers have replaced it with Nouveau driver in Ubuntu 10.04. It provides more than just benefits.

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BSD Router Project: New Kern, New Protocols

Feb 19, 2010

The BSD Router Project (BSDRP) has released version 0.32 of its free embedded router distribution.

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HTC Legend and Desire Smartphones with Enhanced Sense

Feb 17, 2010

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC announced at Embedded World in Barcelona that in the coming spring it will release two new Android mobile phones for which it further developed its Sense user experience.

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