Turn Firefox into an archiving and research tool with ScrapBook


Article from Issue 73/2006

A handy Firefox extension called ScrapBook lets you save, manage, and annotate web pages.

I often hear readers ask, "What’s all this fuss about Firefox? It’s just a web browser." Well, not quite. Firefox supports some powerful extensions that make it more than just a browser. One extension that deserves a closer look is ScrapBook [1]. ScrapBook is a convenient tool for saving, managing, and editing html pages. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover some practical features that make ScrapBook a useful aide for archiving and research. Getting Started

To install ScrapBook, point your browser to ScrapBook’s website [1] and click the download link. Then restart the browser, and you are ready to go. You can access all ScrapBook’s features via the ScrapBook menu, but you might also want to add a button to Firefox’s main toolbar. To do this, right-click somewhere on the toolbar, select Customize, then drag the ScrapBook button onto the toolbar and press Done. Now you are ready to capture web pages.

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