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© Lead Image © Roman Motizov,

© Lead Image © Roman Motizov,

Article from Issue 232/2020

If you have a large collection of bookmarked pages, it's worth protecting! With the right scripts, you can create an archive so you never lose access to all your favorite web pages.

The World Wide Web is so embedded in our lives that we often forget how ephemeral it is. Search engines can find content, but they can't ensure that the content is easily accessible over time [1]. Bookmarks are useful for storing information about websites, but you never know when the page will change or go offline. The only way to be sure you have permanent access to web content is to archive a copy of the page on your own system.

I used to archive web pages with the Scrapbook extension for Firefox [2]. Today, you can do the same thing with add-ons like WebScrapBook [3] or SingleFile [4], but none of these ready-made solutions offer the scale, flexibility, and ease-of-use I need for my personal web archive. I need a solution that can handle thousands of bookmarks and has the following features:

  • A searchable index of all bookmarks, usable from any device
  • A link to a personal, automatically archived copy of the page referenced in the bookmark


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