Use Shaarli as a No-Frills Microblogging Platform

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

Jan 28, 2015 GMT
Dmitri Popov

Shaarli is first and foremost a tool for managing bookmarks. But this application has a rather clever trick up its sleeve. It allows you to create bookmarks without URLs. These bookmarks link to themselves, i.e., they act as regular articles or blog entries, where the Title is the article's hyperlinked heading and the Description field contains the article's content. Thanks to this functionality, you can use Shaarli not only as a bookmark manager, but also a simple microblogging platform or a note-taking tool.

Shaarli doesn't support any kind of text formatting, and it's not possible to insert images. So you probably wouldn't want to use Shaarli as a drop-in replacement for a dedicated web publishing engine. But if you need a no-frills tool for saving text and code snippets as well as post quick updates, Shaarli might be just the ticket.

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