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Linux has gotten much better at handling printers through the years, but you are right that printing problems still occur, and they are a major source of anxiety, for new users. We have covered Linux printing in the past, but the landscape has certainly changed since our Print cover theme back in November 2004. We'll try to line up a nice big printing article sometime in the next few issues. In the meantime, everyone should visit http://www.LinuxPrinting.org (which now links to the Linux Foundation's OpenPrinting web page) for information on printing in Linux. There, you'll find configuration and driver information, as well as a CUPS tutorial, user forums with answers to printing questions, and software.


Thanks for the great magazine and keep on giving us even better.

I was a little bit anxious by a phrase in your September issue, page 23, in the article by Kurt Seifried which read "… and it wasn't too long before we got JavaScript from Sun and a variety …" The JavaScript programming language is originally from Netscape, as you probably already know, and even though it is now one of Sun's trademarks, I believe that phrase may be just a little bit misleading for younger generations.

Emre Sevinc


Yes, you are right. Our apologies. JavaScript was developed by Netscape under the name Mocha, and it was later called LiveScript before taking the name JavaScript. To be fair, it is worth pointing out that Netscape and Sun apparently stirred up much of this name confusion intentionally as part of a co-branding effort. According to Wikipedia:

"The change of name from LiveScript to JavaScript roughly coincided with Netscape adding support for Java technology in its Netscape Navigator web browser. JavaScript was first introduced and deployed in the Netscape browser version 2.0B3 in December 1995. The naming has caused confusion, giving the impression that the language is a spin-off of Java, and it has been characterized by many as a marketing ploy by Netscape to give JavaScript the cachet of what was then the hot new web-programming language."

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