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Article from Issue 226/2019

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. With the introduction of the new Gutenberg editor, now is the time to (re)learn WordPress.

In 2018, WordPress [1] powered about 75 million websites [2]. WordPress knowledge is a valuable job skill, more future-proof than any "social media" expertise and generally the best answer when friends and family ask you to help them make a website.

When it was released in December 2018, WordPress 5 generated enough complaints and discussions to remind one of the "KDE vs. Gnome" feuds. Now, however, many tools have been ported to the new version, and many teething problems have been fixed. Learning WordPress 5, even if you are new to WordPress, is much easier now than it was six months ago. In this tutorial, I will describe how to install WordPress 5 on Linux, configure its main features, and use its new editor, Gutenberg, plus I'll highlight some lesser-known WordPress tools.


While WordPress boasts a five minute install, this will take a bit longer if your system doesn't have all the correct dependencies installed. Starting from scratch, the complete procedure to self-host WordPress on Linux requires the following steps:


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