Meet the FreeBSD Foundation

Interview – The FreeBSD Foundation

Article from Issue 234/2020

As the FreeBSD Foundation approaches its 20th anniversary, we talk to its top brass about the project's growing visibility in the open source ecosystem.

There's more to open source than Linux. FreeBSD, a free and open source Unix-based operating system, also plays an important role in the open source ecosystem. We talked to the FreeBSD Foundations's [1] executive director Deb Goodkin and director of project development Ed Maste at the recent Open Source Summit in Lyon.

Linux Magazine: Tell us about FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Foundation's long history.

Deb Goodkin: The foundation was founded in March 2000, so we're actually going to be celebrating our 20th anniversary March 2020. The original goal was to be sort of a legal entity that could hold any type of FreeBSD IP, and, at that time, it was the trademarks that we were given, so we've had ownership of trademarks and other IP since then.


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