Google Open Sources Liquid Galaxy

Sep 30, 2010

The cluster of computers that create 360-degree live panoramas is now open.


Google has open sourced Liquid Galaxy, a biproduct of the company's now-famous 20% Time, that uses Google Map data to create immersive, 360-degree live panoramas. Liquid Galaxy accomplishes this by using Google Earth and series of HD monitors stacked side by side in portrait.


The public releases of Google Earth for LInux, Mac, and Windows all include the features necessary to make Liquid Galaxy work. Google has also opened the Ubuntu sysadmin scripts. There are even blueprints for the company's in-house Liquid Galaxy conference platform.


If you're not into building one yourself, supplier End Point can be tasked with building one for you. But it'll cost you. Between US$ 72,000 and US$ 80,000, to be exact.

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