NetworkManager 0.7.1 Power-Saving

Apr 17, 2009

On the project mailing list, Dan Williams announced the new version 0.7.1 of NetworkManager that provides a bunch of enhancements.

NetworkManager 0.7.1 is now available after five months of development. The Linux software identifies cable or wireless connections and registers the host automatically with routers and access points. Red Hat's Dan Williams presented what he called "some great improvements" in the release.

Not only were more than 50 bugs fixed, NetworkManager supports more mobile broadband devices and phones and provides them with IPv4 configurations. It works better with wireless and network card drivers, wakes up less often (a power-saver), and displays wifi signal strength more accurately. It also can deny specific devices default routing and has improved OpenVPN HMAC and 802.1x PEAP authentication.

Williams urges a shorter development cycle for the 0.7.2 follow-up in his mailing list, which means reporting smaller bugs that are easier to fix, optimally filing them as enhancement requests in Bugzilla. The GNOME download site has the necessary files.

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