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Using Raspberry Pi as a Photo Station

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Simple URL Shortening Solution Using Redirect Pages

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Byobu, a session manager for the command line

LINUXUSER: Window Fitter

Universal Word Count Shell Script

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Two Simple .bashrc Tweaks

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Bash Tips: Passing Passwords


Bash offers any number of simplifications, especially when it comes to pesky individual steps in installation routines for larger software packages. Some caution is advisable, though, if you need to handle database and application passwords, which can easily be compromised.

Bash Tips: Autocompletion


Steer around errors and save yourself some typing by adding autocompletion to your Bash scripts.

Book Review: The Linux Command Line


A complete introduction to the shell for novices and masters alike.

Qemu and the Kernel



Debugging the kernel of a running operating system has always been tricky, but now the Qemu emulator supports cross-platform kernel and module debugging at the programming language level.

Better Bash

Shell scripts from hell: Shebang


In the beginning was the double pound sign and the exclamation mark – or at least shell scripts always start this way. The inventor, Dennis Ritchie, really didn’t know how much pain this was going to cause users.

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