Linux is Getting an Exciting New Firmware Feature

Jan 05, 2022

Intel is bringing a new driver to the 5.17 kernel that will make it possible to update firmware without a reboot.

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Inside Gnome Boxes A simple virtual machine

Feb 03, 2020

For average users, Gnome Boxes offers an easy-to-use virtual machine solution for Linux.

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Linus Torvalds Agrees to Kernel Lockdown

Oct 01, 2019

The feature will let developers restrict root access to the kernel.

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Keep your edge with these powerful Linux administration tools:

Jan 07, 2019

Linus Torvalds Takes a Break, Apologizes

Sep 18, 2018

The creator of Linux is admitting his abusive behavior on LKML and plans to change.

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Microsoft Releases a Linux-Based OS

Apr 17, 2018

The company is building a new IoT environment powered by Linux.

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Linus Announces Linux 4.8

Oct 05, 2016

Latest kernel even supports Microsoft Surface 3 devices

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Linus Torvalds Confirms the Date of the First Linux Release

Sep 21, 2016

Linux is two weeks younger than we thought!

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