Valve Already Working On Steam For Linux?

Dec 04, 2008

Information found by a reader on the Phoronix Internet page in the Microsoft game Left 4 Dead, appears to suggest that Half Life developer Valve Software, is currently working on a Linux client for its commercial platform Steam.

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Open-Source Mod for Grand Theft Auto

Nov 24, 2008

“Today we are marking a new milestone in the history of Multi Theft Auto [...] we have made the decision to re-launch Multi Theft Auto as an open-source project.” The developer announcement on the Grand Theft Auto website comes just before the official release of the multiplayer mod of GTA version 1.0.

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Yellow Dog Linux for Playstation and Apple

Nov 21, 2008

Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) is known for running on Playstation 3 and Apple G4s and G5s. Its manufacturer, Fixstars, has now released version 6.1.

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Sheep-Throwing Marsupial in the "Yo Frankie" Game

Nov 20, 2008

If you've ordered the DVD, you're probably already busy throwing sheep and beating up rats in a lovely virtual countryside.

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EVO Smart Console: Playstation Competition?

Oct 21, 2008

With its EVO Smart Console, Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation out of Atlanta, Georgia, has brought a Linux-based console to market that should appeal to both gamers and multimedia fans alike.

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Linux Pandora Box Goes into Mass Production

Oct 06, 2008

Around $330 gets you a Linux-based Pandora handheld by shopping online, although the first buyers had to hurry.

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Oct 01, 2008

The developers from launched a new version of their Linux games-focused live distribution.

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VIM TRICKS Getting beyond vi with the vim text editor

Jun 20, 2008

You don’t have to use the vim text editor as a latter day vi. These simple tricks will save you time and keystrokes.

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