World of Goo for Linux

Jan 26, 2009

Why not build bridges and towers out of little balls of goo? Thats exactly what Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel asked themselves, and promptly they created an addictive puzzle game that resembles a mixture of Lemmings and a physics simulation. Much acclaimed by the games-world press, World of Goo is about to be let loose on Linux operating systems.

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Everyman's Game: "Yo Frankie"

Dec 11, 2008

The "Yo Frankie" game is now available for free download in two versions, for Blender and Crystal Space.

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Good Hunting: Prey Client for Linux

Dec 09, 2008

Following the release of the Prey Demo, a Linux Client for the game is now available.

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Valve Already Working On Steam For Linux?

Dec 04, 2008

Information found by a reader on the Phoronix Internet page in the Microsoft game Left 4 Dead, appears to suggest that Half Life developer Valve Software, is currently working on a Linux client for its commercial platform Steam.

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Open-Source Mod for Grand Theft Auto

Nov 24, 2008

“Today we are marking a new milestone in the history of Multi Theft Auto [...] we have made the decision to re-launch Multi Theft Auto as an open-source project.” The developer announcement on the Grand Theft Auto website comes just before the official release of the multiplayer mod of GTA version 1.0.

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Yellow Dog Linux for Playstation and Apple

Nov 21, 2008

Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) is known for running on Playstation 3 and Apple G4s and G5s. Its manufacturer, Fixstars, has now released version 6.1.

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Sheep-Throwing Marsupial in the "Yo Frankie" Game

Nov 20, 2008

If you've ordered the DVD, you're probably already busy throwing sheep and beating up rats in a lovely virtual countryside.

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EVO Smart Console: Playstation Competition?

Oct 21, 2008

With its EVO Smart Console, Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation out of Atlanta, Georgia, has brought a Linux-based console to market that should appeal to both gamers and multimedia fans alike.

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