Flam3 and Fractal Fr0st Generate unusual fractals with Fr0st and Flam3

Apr 30, 2013

Few fractal algorithms create as beautiful and ethereal structures as Flam3. The Fr0st GUI helps you master the complex software.

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Is Wayland the New X? Looking into the Future of Display Server Protocols

Mar 25, 2013

Display server expert Daniel Stone explains what is really happening with the future of graphical display protocols on Linux.

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2D Animation Tools Overview of 2D animation programs

Mar 15, 2013

With the right tool and a bit of artistic talent, you can create two-dimensional cartoons, even without Flash. In this article, we present four animation programs and look at how well they perform in practice.

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PaintSupreme PaintSupreme image editor tested

Feb 22, 2013

The market for good image editing programs for Linux is pretty much saturated. Despite this, BrainDistrict has dared to launch two commercial programs: IFX-Supreme and PaintSupreme.

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Animation with GIMP Creating animations with GIMP

Jan 23, 2013

Although developed for editing individual images, GIMP has everything you need to create perfect animations via plugins and scripts.

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Exploring Red Hat’s Flavor Enhancer SPICE

Jan 15, 2013

Red Hat peps up performance of multimedia applications on remote desktops with SPICE (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments).

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Gnofract 4D Geometric construction of self-similar patterns

Dec 19, 2012

Gnofract 4D is a different kind of graphics program that conjures up stunning graphics videos based on fractal mathematics.

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Presentation Tools Four tools for non-linear presentations

Sep 21, 2012

Thousands of users sit through talks twiddling their thumbs while looking at bullet point parades against garish backgrounds. Four tools in the current test prove that presentations can be visually appealing, dynamic, and even exciting.

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