Ssscrape 1.0 Collects Dynamic Web Data

Feb 18, 2010

The Ssscrape tool screen-scrapes data from RSS and Atom feeds, blogs and podcasts. The open source software is now available in version 1.0.

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Tellu 3.0.0: Inventory Management and Scripting

Feb 09, 2010

Inventory management software Tellu has been completely reworked and is now available in version 3.0.0.

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CeBIT Open Source Project Lounge -- PostgreSQL PostgreSQL -- Open Source Database

Jan 29, 2010

PostgreSQL is among the 15 projects that will present their work at CeBIT, offering an open source database.

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Oracle Supports MySQL and OpenOffice

Jan 28, 2010

Following the European Commission's OK to Oracle's takeover of Sun Microsystems, Oracle has now released a statement from their top management about MySQL and Solaris.

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Maarch Entreprise 1.0 Manages Digital Documents and Physical Archives

Dec 23, 2009

French company Maarch has released the first version of its free document management system.

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MySQL Milestone Release 5.5.0

Dec 17, 2009

To counter the back-and-forth about the future of the free MySQL database after Oracle's takeover of Sun Microsystems, developers have put effort into releasing another test version, called a second milestone, of the product.

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Oracle Promises EU Concessions for a Free MySQL

Dec 14, 2009

Oracle is aiming for more transparency in the debate about the future of the databank MySQL and the pending investigation by the European Commission.

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ExtSQL Tracking SQL statistics with ExtSQL

Nov 30, 2009

ExtSQL provides detailed usage statistics for MySQL and PostgreSQL database systems.

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