34-Nanometer Flash Solid State Drives from Intel

Jul 23, 2009

The chipmaker announced its new consumer series of 34-nanometer solid stated drives (SSDs), resulting in a significant flash memory price reduction.

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Microsoft and Melco Group Sign Patent Agreement for Linux Devices

Jul 17, 2009

Microsoft has entered a patent agreement with Melco Group, parent company to Buffalo, Inc. of Nagoya, Japan, especially affecting the company's Linux devices.

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Gargoyle: Web Interface for Router Configuration

Jul 17, 2009

The Gargoyle project is working on an alternative web interface for better router configuration. The project has now reached its first stable version 1.0.

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Open PC: Taylor-Made Linux Hardware

Jul 13, 2009

KDE developer Frank Karlitschek announced the launch of the Open PC Project at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. Goal of the project is to assemble a PC fit for optimal use of Linux and free software.

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Linksys Linux-Based WRT160NL Router

Jul 01, 2009

The Linux router WRT54GL from Cisco subsidiary Linksys wrote part of the history of open source a few years ago. Now its WRT160NL WLAN successor is ready to step up to the plate.

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Device Tricks Intro Techniques for working with devices in Linux

Jun 30, 2009

Linux is getting much better at managing devices, and the versatility of open source software leads to some interesting innovations.

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LinuxTag 2009: Better Bad Drivers than None

Jun 29, 2009

In the conference's traditional "Kernel Kwestioning" seminar this year in Berlin, 11 kernel developers addressed questions from the public. The result was that the panel of experts invited the entire community to send Linux drivers to the kernel mailing list, quality notwithstanding.

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NVIDIA Eschews Android and Linux, Prefers Windows for Tegra

Jun 21, 2009

NVIDIA sees itself obliged to openly announce its preference for Windows CE for its new Tegra platform. This news alone would be suspicious if it weren't for the graphics chipmaker's not so subtle dig at Android and Linux.

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