Red Hat Updates JBoss SOA

Oct 10, 2008

Linux provider Red Hat announces new versions of its JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 4.3 and JBoss Operations Network 2.1.

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Interview with Sun's Chief Open Source Officer Simon Phipps About MySQL, Java, OpenJDK and more

Oct 03, 2008

Simon Phipps is responsible for about 750 Open Source projects at Sun Microsystems. Linux Magazine Online spoke with the British developer about topics such as Java and the newly acquired MySQL.

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Identity Management from Sun: OpenSSO Enterprise

Oct 03, 2008

Sun Microsystems provides its own solution for identity management called OpenSSO. The software is available free as Open Source and becomes a Sun product with added support and services.

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Pro JavaScript Design Patterns Chapter 1: Expressive JavaScript

Sep 16, 2008

JavaScript is one of the most popular and widely used languages in the world today. Because it is embedded in all modern browsers, it has an extraordinarily wide distribution. As a language, it is incredibly important in our daily lives, powering the websites that we go to and helping the Web to present a rich interface.

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Poppler PDF library learns Javascript

Sep 12, 2008

Poppler, a library for rendering PDF data, was released in its developer version as 0.9.0. For the first time it enables interactive documents using Javascript.

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Javascript: Pre-version of Mozilla Firefox holds up against Google Chrome

Sep 04, 2008

Google touts its Javascript engine version 8, among other things, as setting new speed records for its Chrome browser. Linux Magazine found during a benchmark test that the next Firefox generation can keep up with it.

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Aug 31, 2008


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Sun Places Java UI Toolkit Under Terms of the GPL

Aug 19, 2008

Three months after the announcement at the JavaOne exhibition, Sun Microsystems is putting the discussed plans into action and placed the Lightweight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) under the conditions of the GPLv2. The Toolkit is intended for Java ME applications.

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