Random backgrounds for the desktop


Article from Issue 59/2005

A new background image is the quickest way to liven up your desktop. Tools such as Zufall and genbg help you change your wallpaper auto matically.

Most people don’t like eating their favorite food every day, and for the same reason, many users don’t like always looking at the same wallpaper. If you prefer to change your wallpaper at regular intervals, you could set up a cronjob, but programs such as Zufall [1] and genbg [2] save you a step by automatically switching the desktop background image. Zufall changes the wallpaper at predefined intervals, and genbg changes the back ground when you launch the X server. Working with Zufall Zufall, which was written by Moritz Orbach, is available the project home page. To build the tool, you need the imlib2 graphics library and the package with the header files. Fol low standard pro cedure, configure, make, and make install. You can leave out the last step if you like. After completing the build, you should be able to run Zufall directly from the source code directory.

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