Launching web applications in Prism


No matter how smart working with web applications might be, you are likely to experience the downside on several occasions in your daily work. For example, the pages you need to load are often several hundred kilobytes in size, and this can be a major issue if you have narrow-band Internet access. Also, working with a web application is typically far slower than using a local application.

Anyone using a freely accessible web application should be aware of at least one thing: Nobody can guarantee that your data will be kept safe from inquisitive third parties. For this reason, you should keep confidential data well away from online programs, unless you use encryption.

Top 10 Web Applications

The following list of web pages provides a selection of online applications that are particularly well suited to Prism integration. Generally speaking, the program will cooperate with any web page that Firefox will let you view, which means that you could easily integrate your bank's online banking interface.


The advantages of Prism are restricted to having more space on the desktop for the web application and to launching each web application in a separate process. That said, the lack of back and forward buttons means that clicking on any internally linked page can leave you up the creek without a paddle.

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