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IDE Once More Into the Breach

David S. Miller has taken over as IDE maintainer from Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz. David says he's going to treat IDE as legacy code that will have to be supported, but without attempting to remain cutting edge. The PATA drivers, he says, are where users should be going, and IDE will not be competing with those.

Bartlomiej gave David his full support and offered to help out if necessary. Meanwhile, Steven Rothwell asked whether the linux-next tree should switch to using David's new Git repository at, and David agreed that this was the way to go.

Support for Eee Touch Screens

Gabriele Turchi wrote and posted a little driver to support the Asus Eee PC touch screen. Without the patch, the touch screen itself would be detected, and it could be used to generate mouse button events, but mouse movement was not supported. Andrey Panin forwarded the patch along to the linux-input mailing list; however, there was no discussion about this contribution.

Sandboxing in Linux

Eric Paris announced that he and Dan Walsh had created a security sandbox using SELinux, the idea being that users would be able to isolate untrusted executables and run them in a secure environment. Among other things, this would allow large groups of arbitrary users to participate in clustering without having to trust the upstream source of the clustered software fully. Read Dan's original blog post on the subject at:

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